Wednesday, 3 August 2011


SO excited to announce this collaboration! This is the first of many collabs coming from the Isolated Heroes label! Having previously stated MC GAFF E as one of my muses in my interview with stylists Lucy&Natasha i am sooo excited to announce i am now making some threads for her to perform in. MC GAFF E is PHENOMENAL! A true icon, she really is everything the Isolated Heroes label represents. Brisbane born, Mc Gaff E is a burst of high – energy, a chaotic whirlwind of pattern and colour Gaffy transcends genre (and gender). Bursting onto stage with original, wild and hallucinogenic performances which "leave you breathless and sweaty, just by watching them." Her on stage persona epitomizes the Isolated Heroes label ... young, fresh and energetic we could not think of a better person to start making clothes for. Currently working on some sketches to send to Gaffy my head is bubbling with ideas and i cannot wait to get this collab of dreams underway!

If you haven't seen MC Gaff E perform already then catch her perform at a number of shows in Berlin later this month or in September at Bestival

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