Thursday, 9 May 2013


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In action

Some of the pieces on the shoot - Isolated Heroes, Hyena and Jade Clark

Ramario and I on Location

While we were in London I also had time to drop by and see Ramario Chevoy on a little shoot he was doing in South East London. The studio was in this actually MASSIVE warehouse in the middle of nowhere. I was incredibly ill on the day with a massive fever but managed to trail my bag of samples half way across London to take part in the shoot. It was lots of fun on the day and I can't wait to see the final edits.

Climbing walls in Buffalos

Ramario in the cyber barbie fur and oversized team jersey

Evil eye embroidered flying saucer top
Read Ramario's blog here and see all his different crazy outfits! We love his eclectic sense of style :D


On Friday we had our first mentoring meeting with Alison Lewy from Fashion Angel at ASOS HQ in Camden. To say I was a little nervous was an understatement!! Being the kind of person who panics over EVERYTHING, I had visions of getting out the lift on the fourth floor of Greater London House to be greeted by scenes of the devil wears Prada. I couldn't have been more wrong! My mind was automatically put at ease as soon as I entered the reception and was introduced to the lovely Alison Lewy and Letitia Allman from ASOS Marketplace. 

The beautiful building where ASOS Head offices are situated 

I have been following the Fashion Angel Website for some time now and monitoring their progress with other designers. Therefore I jumped at the opportunity when Fashion Angel announced that they would be working with ASOS Marketplace for a second consecutive year mentoring a young designer and developing the strategic and operational direction of their business to secure it's growth and sustainability.

Inside the reception area
As soon as we arrived at the building we were taken on a short tour and introduced to members of the buying and selling team, a host of stylists, the woman's wear department and most importantly the ASOS Marketplace team.We had a short sit down with James Hart (E Commerce Director of ASOS) who asked for our feedback on ASOS Marketplace and any changes we thought could be made as sellers. It was great to be giving the opportunity to have our ideas and opinions considered by someone in such an influential position. We were then shown inside the press showroom where there were Sooo many pieces that I wanted to take home!!

Alison Lewy From Fashion Angel and Myself in the ASOS Main reception

Soon it was time to get down to business and for our first mentoring session to start. Alison and I headed to one of the main meeting rooms where we sat down for a good three hours talking over everything from the Isolated Heroes brand history, to our current client base and where I want to take the brand in the next few years. It was great hearing Alison's advice and having someone who has so much experience in the fashion industry give us guidance.

Running a clothing label which is only in its first 18 months is an extremely daunting task as not only do I design and make all the pieces I also handle the majority of PR, Client liason and maintaining our website. Therefor sometimes the business sides of things become a little overwhelming and it is hard to find the time to map out exactly what the next steps should be. It was great to be able to sit down with Alison and set up some next clear steps for the brand. Alison gave me so much invaluable information on everything from fabric suppliers, manufacturers for our product, how to correctly cost our items and also some great guidance on trademarking and selling our products wholesale.

The first mentoring session has by far been the best Business experience Isolated Heroes has had to date and we are now buzzing with information! I already cannot wait to get back down to London for the next one!


Isolated Heroes Team Jersey

Discunt T-shirt

Kokon To Zai 

This is another amazing shoot coming from Australia featuring some Isolated Heroes. Styled by the AMAZING Kurt (Jeepers  Kreepers) and shot by Sam Whiteside. Feels so good to be shot alongside some of our other favourite brands - Kokon To Zai, Di$count, Rik Villa etc.

You can buy your very own Isolated Heroes white fishnet team jersey by clicking here.

The top available in our online store shot by David Macaffer

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Eye Scream by Rachel Lou
All work by Rachel Lou.

Another thing I have missed about blogging is showing in detail other artists and designers whose work I admire. I have came across Rachel Lou's work a number of times but have never realized who was behind the pictures! Rachel is the 20 year old LCF Fashion photography student behind all these amazing images. I am actually dying to work with this Gurl!

All Images by Rachel Lou


Beautiful Vanessa from the Sats in the Isolated Heroes hand sequin crop

Vanessa from the Saturdays in our crop and spot the voodoo jacket

Vince and co wearing lots of Isolated Heroes

We were so excited to be featured in Vince Kidd's new music video for "THE ZOO". Styled by the  amazing Heather Falconer fashion editor of SPINDLE magazine. The video features lots of iconic Isolated Heroes pieces including the cyber barbie faux fur, Voodoo face jacket, tinsel jacket and lots of sequin pieces. It was also great to be featured by lots of other designers we admire including BOLSHIE, Roberto Piqueras and my favourite Glasgow gals Obscure Couture. Check out the brilliant video below!

Vince Kidd in the Cyber Barbie Fur


Nyane styled by Danny in the digital print swimsuit
Nyane in the Digital Print Dollar Bill Swimsuit

Mpho Lebajoa in the digital print crop top

Danny Crook in The Hologram stretch spandex leggings
There is no denying the world's love for the The most amazing twins on earth Nyane and Mpho Lebajoa. We are always more than happy to work with the girls as they always produce amazing results! Here is a recent shoot from the super amazing stylist Danny D Crook!

Mpho in the flame foil spandex two pieces


Under the sea Set Design

Karen Simpson \working her Magic

Lauren in the dollar Bill Leotard and Tinsel Jacket
Behind the Scenes! Big Model BABES

We have been smashing into the Australian market lately with a growing number of our customer base being down Under! Having been approached by a number of boutiques wanting to stock our collection overseas we have finally settled on the first stores to ship our collection to. In anticipation for the launch we also recently shot with a great team for an Australian Editorial. The editorial had a futuristic under the sea theme and we worked alongside Mixed Media artist Emily Milne on the photographs. Here are a selection of the backstage shots from the day.

Backstage Polaroids

Backstage Polaroids - Prop Palace

Backstage Polaroids - Tridant Merwitch

The team included: 
Photographer and mixed media artist - Emily Milne
Photography Assistant - Bryndis Blackadder
Models - Lauren Andrew @ Model Team
             - Hamish Duda @ Superior Model Management / ELECT
MUA - Karen Simpson & Jillian Elizabeth MUA
Stylist - Samantha McEwen


Fashion Angel Website

 We were delighted to find out in April that we had won the prestigious Fashion Angel , ASOS business mentoring program. We have been trading with ASOS Marketplace since December 2011 and they have been extremely helpful overseeing all stages of our business from the general launch through to advice on our collections development. The Last year and a bit has been a great trading experience and we have enjoyed watching our business grow internationally through our ASOS Marketplace customer base.

Our ASOS Marketplace Store

Current Isolated Heroes range available on ASOS Marketplace

We were absoloutely delighted when Alison Lewy from Fashion Angel and Rachel Humphreys, ASOS’s Senior Marketplace Manager announced that Isolated Heroes had won the place on the prestigious program. Last Friday brought our first visit to ASOS HQ which I will detail in another blog post. We Reviewed all aspects of the business and looked over the labels history, customer base and our current range. Lets just say my to do list right now is massive!

The next six months are set out to be a hectic but extremley benifital time for the Isolated Heroes label while we are part of this prestigious program which sets to nurture and develop creative talent. 
You can read the full press release on the fashion angel website here.

Selection of items currently available in our online store

Demonstrating our ability to work with a number of different industry professionals and  pull together big teams - stylists, photographers etc

Different fabrics and textures Isolated Heroes use within the ASOS Range

Alison Lewy, Fashion Angel’s Director welcomes this opportunity to support an aspiring design business in this way: “We were overwhelmed with applications which show the high demand for industry led mentoring support to assist fashion enterprises. It was a difficult task to choose a winner with so many strong entries. We selected Samantha as we loved the brand aesthetic and felt with the right support the business had potential for growth. Samantha will now have the opportunity to work with a team of high-level, industry professionals from Fashion Angel to ensure the on-going development and success of her business, as well as exposure for the Isolated Heroes brand.”

James Hart, E Commerce Director of ASOS, said: “We are excited to announce Isolated Heroes as the winning recipient of the mentoring programme with Fashion Angel.  Their entry stood out because of both their eagerness to learn, but also their clear ideas as to the way they wanted to develop their business and expand their label.  Samantha’s commitment to her collection on ASOS Marketplace has given her  the strong foundations on which the Fashion Angel mentoring program can build. We can’t wait to see her business grow.”


Karis from Girl Band STOOSHE in Isolated Heroes

Some more of the hand made sequin goodies we created for the girls

The Hand Sequin crop top - everything is finished by hand!

As you all know by now we LOVE the idea of Girl Power in the ISOLATED HEROES Studio!!  And we LOVE Girl groups! So when Girl Band STOOSHE asked us to send over some pieces from the collection we were more than happy to oblige. Here is a picture of the lovely Karis from STOOSHE wearing the hand sequin hash leaf crop top. Cannot wait to see the other girls working our threads! Take a sneak peak at the treasure chest of things we sent them and steal the girls style by snapping up one of the Hash leaf crop tops now by clicking here!

The hand sequin Hash leaf crop top available in our online store