Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Back Blogging

Ok so finally got back to updating my blog! It has only taken five months but what a crazy five months it has been! Sooo a little update ............

I have successfully finished 3rd year and got my BA. We managed to put on a bitching end of year show. After many dreadful rehearsals and arguing with tutors and half the idiots in our uni we finally managed to pull it off.
I completed my favourite collection to date "LOVE YOUR BONES", worked alongside Speedo on the most surreal collaboration ever. Especially since sportswear gives me the actual fear! But surprisingly turned out to be quite thought provoking. I dabbled in menswear which was a bit of a disaster but made me realise my pattern cutting skills Are defiantly not up to the standard to produce a menswear honours collection and broaden the menswear market. Although I will always remain interested in the developing of the menswear silhouette I just proved to myself it is alot easier to design it than produce the patterns and make the collection.

I have also been working on a number of exciting projects outside of Uni. Myself and two other girls that I have previously collaborated with on other projects have recently opened a Vintage and New Designer Boutique in our hometown of Carnoustie! And what a wake up call it has given to our little seaside town. Not only am I designing and sewing up collections to be sold in store, I have also been marketing and promoting the shop, writing for its blog and hosting Events from inside the store.