Monday, 30 July 2012


Becci On the first shoot!

Roaming the streets of Dundee

Our rail on the second day of shooting <3

The last two weeks I have been working on a big collaborative project with the amazing Ross Mclean. Ross shot my graduate voodoo zumbies collection - the incredible voodoo inspired shoot that I built the set for with all the possessed images which had the models floating mid air looking mid trance. The last shoot received incredible feedback and support and was published in so many editorials and websites including SLAVE, Bitching & Junkfood, Kingdom of Style and WGSN. So to say I am excited about the launch of the new shoot would be a complete understatement! This time we have went even bigger and better than the last and the project stems over two consecutive shoots and one final fashion film and the whole project will accumulate into an exhibition taking place in late September. I don't want to ruin the surprise or give to much away but the whole shooting process has been so much fun!!! Our first shoot was shot all on film cameras and the style of shooting captured the whole idea of optimistic clothing and the youthful vibe of the brand! It was great fun taking to the streets of my hometown Dundee to shoot the collection and watching all the down and outs and toothless junkys expressions and reactions as my models walked past them on a casual Friday afternoon head to toe in the collection. 

Kevin's alphabet bead fringe

Becci Looking like an Anime baby

Supernatural happenings on set!

My Tribe - Cyber Dreaming

The second shoot took place in the incredible Studio Roro ran by Rory Weyms and shot by Ross Mclean. I have to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who helped capture my vision this day. Thank you to Ross, Barry and Rory for being extremely patient and shooting ALL day and nearly all night! The shoot took well over 12 hours :S And the talented Bryndis for capturing the Alien like make up looks I had envisioned. Also to Cat our stand by hair dresser who dropped all her plans to come help out as our original hair plans fell through. And last but not least a massive thank you to my models Kevin Mdanga, Rebecca Butler & Sally Caithness who kept the energy alive on set all day and really did push their bodies to new levels turning into contortionist's for the day! I cannot wait to reveal the final photos to you and start the next adventure of filming the fashion film. Which we are currently casting extras for the club scene. So if you think you have a face that could fit the brand and can make it to Dundee on Monday the 13th and Tuesday the 14th of August please contact me on with the subject line of the email called "EXTRAS" and provide a face and full body shot of yourself. Until then here are some backstage shots of the project so far ......

Sally & Becci after the shoot in their Isolated Heroes Crops

Creative Dundee Pecha Kucha Night Volume 3

I actually thought I had already written a post about pecha kucha night volume 3 and hadn't realised until now that I was still to do it! (As it was held way back in May). Pecha Kucha nights ran by the brilliant duo Gillian Easson and Lyall Bruce who run the Creative Dundee website. Creative Dundee is a platform to showcase, promote and connect creative talent in and around the Dundee area and the Pecha Kucha night's are the perfect opportunity for young creatives and entrepreneurs in the city to stand up and talk about what they are doing! They also act as the perfect networking events and I was delighted to be asked to talk at the event. Although incredibly nervous throughout the whole presentation and I still find it hard to watch back without cringing!! Do I really sound like that?!!! The whole night was a great success and was Part of the cultural culinary fest that was Ignite Dundee, PKN brought the 200 strong audience more creative genius, insightful chat, sore face belly laughs and much more! I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and cannot wait to attend the next one after the summer break!

Samantha McEwen, Isolated Heroes - Pecha Kucha Night Dundee Vol 3 from CreativeDundee on Vimeo.


Sue in her incredible home <3

Love these heads and memory Jars!

The beautiful Sue Kreitzman!

Very Rarely am I so impressed by someones work I am lost for words! But Sue Kreitzman is one of these inspirational Lady's that had the power to shut me up and have me just staring in awe at the laptop screen! I have seen pieces of her artwork before but had not realised who had created them or that the lady behing the art work was even more impressive than the work itself! Sue Kreitzman is incredible, her passion and flair for life and her work is on another level and she has the kind of personality and power from within her work that makes you instantly fall in love with her and leaves you wanting to pack your bags and arrive on her doorstep for an interview and just hope that she may let you stay there for the rest of your life! After watching this documentary on the artist on Vimeo I can't help but wish she was my MOM or some kind of distant long lost relative. I can see so many similarity's from her personality to mine and even in her way of working letting the object you are creating create itself and take on another dimension and also the aspect of hoarding and collecting  inanimate objects that are then brought to life again and again through her artwork. Something which I frequently do during my design process whether it be purchasing old voodoo bottles off ebay, collecting discarded baby heads that I then sew into clothing or the whole idea of collaging objects until it brings on an entirely different persona. Anyway I absolutely love Sue and can only hope that one day even a tiny part of my house half resembles her incredible house / works and wardrobe!

SUE KREITZMAN - Artist Profile - Preview from Pat Grimm on Vimeo.

Also delighted to see some of my creative idols and people who I would jump at the chance to working with collaborating with the artist! The incredible Saga Sig has just taken some photo's with stylist John William and Alis Pelleschi in front of the lens rather than behind it for the latest issue of Pigeons and Peackocks! What incredible images ..........

Sue Kreitzman by Saga Sig

Alis by Saga Sig

Image by Saga Sig

Image by Saga Sig

Image by Saga Sig

Sunday, 29 July 2012


Ra Ra and the Pretty Vacant Showrooms
Rara - Image by Creative Dundee
Very excited to announce that in under two weeks ... Saturday the 11th of August we are going to be taking over RaRa and the Pretty Vacant show rooms in Dundee for a one night pop up shop and 90's extravaganazaaa to celebrate the launch of the Altar Jewellery and Isolated Heroes collab. Altar Jewellery is the brain wave from Jewellery designer Lisa Mclean influenced by Sabrina, Clueless and a hundred other 90's favourites she is a true Isolated Heroes girl at heart and is the mastermind behind all the jewellery we have been using in our latest shoots etc. The launch night will feature rails and rails of Isolated Heroes goodies on sale there and then as well as some delightful visuals and images of the new Isolated Heroes x Altar Jewellery campaign. We are absolutely delighted to be stocking Altar Jewellery on our Asos Boutique from the 11th of August where it will be available for you all to purchase! Make sure if you are in the area you head on down to RaRa's for some 90's punch, blow up chairs and pillows and come and see our little exhibition / play room! It's going to be funnnnn :)

Altar Jewlz for Isolated Heroes at Brighton Fashion Week


My beautiful Models Stevie & Ruta. A massive thank you to Lou for doing the hair and Tammy for the nails <3

Kirstin is one of my all time favourite photographers to work alongside. She has a way of capturing your vision and bringing it to life in the most beautiful ways possible. Here are some Gifs she created for my Brighton Fashion Week show which were included in the visuals for the whole show. Kirstin and I are due to work on a new project together however I have had to keep pushing the date back as so many other projects are still being finished. However as soon as everything is wrapped up and the new pieces are finished I cannot wait to work with her again.

A Little glimpse into the sudio ...

At the studio :)

Massive mess - drying prints adding 3D layering. Steaming Gaments to send to stylists

Our ASOS Model Ellis in for a fitting

Some scribbles in my notebook - ideas for new stock

Studio Wall - desperatly needing updated!

I thought I would put up some images of the studio because I haven't done it in a while. some days its MESSY!!! Like completely unbearable as we now have a strong little studio team on the go and there are normally at least 4 of us all working at the one time in the little space. But I honestly couldn't love it anymore. As soon as I arrive at my desk I am literally so happy to be at work and doing what I love more than anything in the world. Right now we are applying for a bigger space in the same building. Although we probably have one of the biggest spaces in the tin roof Arts Collective building we are hoping to expand into another space opening up our studio to create one massive work space which will allow more machinery and designated thinking space where I can work from my desk on other design projects while the other studio assistants are busy making up orders as it can all get a little complicated when we are posting out all our orders and working on styling projects, collaborations and the new collections.  But I definitely do not want to leave the tin roof building it has been so much fun since I started there last October with the perfect outdoor space for all our ASOS photoshoots and amazing area's for screen printing, dying and other textile work. Not to mention all the other artists who I have got to know and work alongside. So fingers crossed for a little more space!

Our newest intern Jemma working on some Screen Print leggings

Blue Fur ready to be cut for the Cyber Barbie Jackets

Hand Beading for a custom order eyeball dress!

Rosa's evil eyes for the evil eye jacket

Franticly finishing a lining

The studio team - Abigail, Tarka and Rosa working on new fabric samples

little sketches of new asos stock

Fabric drying for our halter dresses

Love Love the tailored Biker Jacket!


Dip Dye Leggings & Halterneck Crop

Alien Midi Dress with 3D print

Peplum Alien midi skirt

Turqouise Cyber Barbie fur with aztec lining

July & August's ASOS stock has been a complete alien invasion! Stemming off of our BFW Cyber Barbiez collection we have diffused a number of the pieces expanding the collection creating something for every budget. Screen print skin tight leggings, dip dye crops, 3D print midis, bubble bags and halterneck dresses creating new silhouettes influenced by our favourite 90's movies Clueless etc. All available to purchase from our ASOS store with prices ranging from £30 - £280. Click to Purchase.

90's Halterneck Party Dresses

Fishnet Halters