Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Well today i found out some VERYYY EXCITING news!! I am now representing Heriot Watt University at Graduate Fashion Week attending all the meetings with all the big shots and travelling down to London for free several times a year with the lovely Jade Rodgers. I feel really passionate about this opportunity to promote our university as a thriving fashion hub of creativity and hope my contribution will result in some major progression between our school and fashion week, HOPEFULLY resulting in us showing next year rather than all this exhibiting nonsense!!!

Here are a collection of some of my favourite past winners and exhibitors:

Hannah Taylor, Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication. Her collection of colourful knits and animal prints is perhaps on of my favourite from GFW, the judging panel clearly thought so too as she won the 2008 award for best menswear.

Sarah Benings intestual and muscular creations also stand out as one of my top favourites! Just look at all the work she has put into those knitted plastic jackets. I have to say i am a small bit in love!
However none of these designs are any better than some of the cutting edge talent at our own university and hopefully with some progress we can also show at GFW.


Whilst investigating the homeless as part of my latest project, i came across this absolute DIVA! and i can't help seeing myself in ten to twenty if the fashion career goes down the pan. Well i do hope I'm as glamorous as this bag lady, sleeping in a bin with a £1000 fur coat

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

House of Holland Does it Again!

WOW! Well if Henry Holland cant come up with a half decent collection atleast he still has the wit and self marketing skills to create a whole load of controversy. But perhaps not the kind he was aiming for! Whilst he was partying away after his SS10 show he was also being perpetuitly SLATED by most of the fashion press, well all of those that arent in the Henry Holland Camp of self rightious posers of course! reffered to the show as "a presentation with very little substance and plenty of ironically tacky clothes that are actually genuinely tacky" further going on to state the spectical was "little more than a barely concealed excuse for a party and extravagant posing for magazines and bloggers in the front row."

I thought the denim bras over the lace all in one worked realy well, not too keen on the house print which kinda just looked like a square splodge on a badly fitted jacket and the tshirts were abit of a cop out. But the bad taste lace also worked really well, everyone likes to dress up like a little bit of a tart every now and then. and to be honest i'd MUCH rather be at the party!!!

Snapped Up!

So a couple of weeks ago while we were in Landan for a little trip of hunting for fabrics and night clubbbbbbbbbbbbin we bumped into Mark the Cobrasnake at Clapham Common during the GetLoaded in the park festival. After a Massssive conversation on some emerging British Talent and his own label coming out in the begininng of the new year he decided to take some more nice photos of us .....

His new Line is pretty NICEEE aswel. Lots of colour splashed felted knit sweaters and big oversiezed basketball jackets in a mix of bright rainbow colours sewn to raw acid wash denim.

I will definatly be snapping it up as soon as its released!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009



I was just SICKKK everywhere!!!!!!! What is the little Geldof runt doing modelling in my HERO JCDS new ready to wear line?????? Someone in his pr line definitely needs the sack. Look at his poor face, doesn't even have a clue who she is!!!

On a positive note look how AMAZZZZIN some of the new pieces from the ready to wear line "Punkahontas and the Ducks" actually are. And all at lovely affordable prices. Because everyone should dress up everyday!