Monday, 8 August 2011


Some serious label envy for DI$COUNT! If you haven't checked it out already you really should. DI$COUNT UNIVERSE is the new online shop by Cami & Nadia, two designers completely going it on there own. Which i have huge respect for! After graduating the pair interned for a while for various designers but were both bored with the whole working for free and not gaining all that much from the experience. The two super talented ladies decided to combine there talents and started DI$COUNT, arguably one of the best blogs on the Internet at the moment there website oozes personality which is reflected in their designing and in the amazing garments the pair produce. It is clear Nadia and Cami both work extremely hard to fund their label and online shop, without the aid of rich parents, sponsorship or handouts. Everything on the store is designed and hand made in their Melbourne studio and you can really see how much love, energy and blood, sweat and tears goes into each individual garment.

I need that DI$COUNT sex dress in my life now!

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