Monday, 28 February 2011


It is a sad sad day when another institute dedicated to the scouting and exhibiting of new designers has had to close its doors. Words genunially cannot describe how saddened i am to here of MACHINE-A's closure. Possibly the only store of its kind in the whole of the UK, Machine-A has always been my favourite place to drop in whilst in London with the most controversial window displays i have ever encountered and also the nicest staff ever inside always welcoming and encouraging. It is deeply upsetting to read that the store has had to close its retail space of 60 Berwick street after 18 long months of the best new designer exhibitions and most challenging yet wearable garments available to buy in store. Through the sheer dedication of Stavros Karelis the stores director and owner and his eye for scouting the most creative new design talent put MACHINE-A on the map as one of London's most prestigious boutiques exhibiting and selling clothes form new designers such as Katy Eary, Gemma Slack, VoidOfCourse, Charlie le Mindu, Bolshie and Dominic Jones.

We can only hope that the stores closure is just the end of a chapter for MACHINE-A and the beginning to something new and even more exciting!

London Fashion Week Favourites!!!

Kokon To Zai have been my absolute favourite form Autumn Winters London Fashion Week! A brand in my opinion that can do no wrong. With every collection Kokon To Zai manage to push boundaries as designers steering away from commerciality and staying completely focused and true to their vision of exciting, fresh and completely wearable fashion forward garments. You can almost feel the energy from the show when looking at the signature garments with their loud experamentive prints, 80s graphics, bold knitwear and over sized accessories. Its the clashing of textures and fabrics worn alongside eachother that i find particularly interesting the way garments are layered together using knit, pvc and fur all worn at once. I NEED it ALL in my wardrobe now!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

LOUISE GRAY Autumn Winter 11/12

Louise Gray's Autumn Winter collection "UP YOUR LOOK" is by far my favourite of LFW so far! The meticulous way of combining the mohair, tartan, foil dots, large lazer cut pieces and clashing prints is simply genius! The deconstructed knits, aaron cardigans, double layering withing garments and fringing details are almost all too much to take in. I love every detail of this collection and never before has the saying "less is more " which i hate sooo much been out of fashion. This season "More" is definatly best and i cant wait to be clashing my prints and piling on the layers. Louise Grays collection can make anyone look fabulous!


ZIAD GHANEM Autumn Winter 11/12

Ziad Ghanem has done it again!! Every season he blows my mind with his haunting runway shows. Considering i am just getting over spring summers "Mother Russia" and all the beautifully exotic prints i really didn't think the autumn winter collection would be able to compete. But with all the intricate lace, patterns, make up and over all styling and theatrics of the show the collection can only be described as mesmerising. Ziad Ghanem you blow my mind!

Watch the show online!

Sunday, 20 February 2011



Tuesday, 15 February 2011


WOW! tomorrow I am doing my very first UNISEX shoot! excited to say the least! After much deliberation i have decided to launch my Honors collection as a unisex collection as i feel the clothes really do speak for themselves and are completely non gender specific. I never intended on the collection being solely womanswear and after seeing it styled on boys last week for the test shoots I couldn't be more confident about my decision. I am currently busy busy busy finishing garments for my shoot and preparing for the casting for my fashion film which will be shot early march. so watch this space!

In the mean time here are a few of the garments i have been busy making in the studio

Sunday, 6 February 2011


my whole collection summed up in two words!


WOW! WOW! WOW! Interchangeable Printed Sports Jacket. I cant wait for my collection to be finished so i can wear this bad boy out!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


As you can see my studio is abit of a big bad mess right now! With the date of the 24th of February aka our biggest review yet getting closer and closer It is complete CHAOS in the studio with completing garments and organising work.

Some of my design sketchbook pages:

And Some of my original sketches