Thursday, 13 December 2012


Anthony F & Katie Alcock

Here's some images from a great article on Isolated Heroes featured on the Spindle Magazine website this week. Huge thanks to Charles Matthews & The amazzing Heather Falconer! This shoot was so much fun to shoot working with a brand new and extremely diverse team! You can read the whole article by clicking here.

Massive thanks to everyone involved -

Photographer: Martin D Barker
Photography Assistant: David Macaffer
Models: Anthony F @ Superior ELECT, Cassie @ Superior ELECT, Chloe Mitchell & Katie Alcock.
Make Up Artist: Sara Hill @ Academy of Make Up
Make Up Assistant: Rachael Solley
Hair Stylist: Martine Caroll
Hair Styling Assitant: Paolo Andreuccetti
Stylist: Terri Higgins
All Clothing: Isolated Heroes, Mr Bens, We Love To Boogie.
All Jewellery: ALTAR Jewellery


Moving into the new studio
Life is good over in Isolated Heroes HQ! We have moved into a brand spanking new premises in WASPS Meadow Mill in Dundee.The studio is at least twice the size of our last which means more machinery and we have just taken on a whole new team of interns and studio assistants. With Christmas just around the corner we have a crazy crazy amount of orders to get through at the moment and probably the MOST exciting collaboration yet coming up in January!!! 2012 you have been good to us! Roll on 2013 for even more hard work :)

Saturday, 24 November 2012


BABE Models - Ellis Oconner @ Model Team, Kevin Mdanga & Nicola Prosser. Image by Barrie Morton

90's cyber influences styling - bubble bags etx
Rebecca Butler @ Superior working the internet top & Skirt

Pole Position Scotland Gurlllls

Beautiful Sula Powell!

Ellis working it!!!

The finale Rebecca Weir @ Colours in the eyeball tassel jacket

Heather from Pole Position Scotland working it!!

The Finale!!!!

So I need to do about three posts to cover this! We filmed the film in September starting off in the streets of Dundee and finishing in the gutter! We ended the film on a massive high throwing a big warehouse party in the Tin Roof studios building. The film aimed to capture the optimistic youthful vibe of the brand which I think we done pretty well! The film was screened at the end of last month in Soul nightclub which we turned into a seedy 90s strip club and made everyone enter an Isolated heroes utopia for the night! Hudson Mowhawke, dancehall, printed dollaZ bills with our faces on them, tacky tassel curtains and pole dancers completed the night! It was amazing! And I wish I could do it all again now!

The AMAZZING Lou Clave @ Hair For Heroes working her magic

Gary working on some finishing touches

Sorting shoes for all the girls! CYBERTRIBE

Models off Duty

Outfits ready to go

ALTAR Jewellery by Lisa Maclean! The perfect accessorie for Isolated Heroes


Sally and Becci My favourites!!

So much make up!!!

Massive thanks to Studio RoRo for making the film, Ross McLean, Nathan Brake for the edit, Barrie Morton, Lisa McLean, Dave Macaffer, Lemont for letting us use his club, Lou Clave for all the amazing weaves and wigs and hair styles , Kelly Neilson, Jillian Elizabeth MUA and team, Russell Stewart, Stephen Bloe, Scott Duncan, Richard Paton and all the amazing models who came through to Dundee for the day:) could not have done it without you!!!! And a MASSIVE thank you to Heather and Carol from Pole Position Scotland for performing all night!

Brilliant make up team creating MANGA eyes

Jillian Elizabeth MUA getting to work on some of the girls



I want to be able to do this!!

Rebecca Weir at Model Team

Amazing Pole Dancers

Gemma Chan Cyber Barbie <3>

Taking my Bow

The Fianle <3>

Dollaz Dollaz Billz

Oversized Plastic Backpack

Warming up!!!
Navada and Rona

Bank Of Isolated Heroes DOLLAZ BILLZ

And Finally ...... THE FILM !!! HOPE Y'ALL ENJOY IT :)

Friday, 23 November 2012


The actually AMAZZZING Agatha Frank in our blue Cyber Barbie Fur!! Literally one of my idols!

Agatha in the fur again!

Super Cool Jacqui Karls working the micro fishnet dip hem vest

The editor of "Youth in Revolt" Magazine's amazing goodies

Ok so lately we have been asking all you mega babes who have been buying the collections to send us in some pictures and we have posted our favoruites on the facebook page! I really want to give something back to all our repeat customers who have supported us from the very beginning. So please keep them coming as I actually LOVE seeing how you all style and wear the pieces. Heres a selection of my favourites ...

Bryndis In her Alien Sweater

Alex in Her Cyber Barbie Fur

Cyber BBZ in Alien Dresses

Nyane in Her cloud print midi

Nyane in her fishnet midi and bubble bag

Editor of A.F.Cake style in her barbie fur!

NYC Packages

Syron in her pom pom stripper heels!