Wednesday, 26 August 2009


SERIOUSLY, i would like to know why after a couple of drinks i really will agree to anything. Last Thursday was the cherry on the cake. So after a bottle of cider me and Gary decided it would be a fun idea to shave half my head.
I was thinking the result would be something between the love child of Alice Dellal and Jerry Hall in the Roxy music era. Well No such luck. Since i have neither the features, height or bones of these two beauts! I now have to go to Landan on Friday for a weekend of fabric shopping, talent scouting and partaaaaaaaays looking like Ive just done a stint in belson.

yep locks officially chopped.


All i want for christmas


Monday, 24 August 2009

Andrea Crews Collective

OK Guys this really is an opportunity NOT TO BE MISSED! For one week only Maroussia Rebecq the secret founder of the most amazing collective on earth and CREATIVE GENIUS is opening the doors to the Andrea Crews studio in Pigalle Paris to teach all young crews wannabees and budding fashionistas the creative process, pattern cutting and transformation methods to make your very own INCREDIBLE Andrea Crews garments. WOOOOOOOOOOOPA! And for any of you wondering "who the hell is this amazinnnn DIVA?" basically, where have you been? Not only is Maroussia the creative visionary behind the entire collectives art, fashion and activism she also throws the best party's on earth all over Paris under the Andrea Crews name. And is my favourite designer on earth <3
Check there work out online or buy pieces from Collette. Now all i need is 1000 euros to attend.

Femme Fatale and the Alice Dellals

"femme Fatale and the Alice Dellals" is the latest of my creations. Looking at the female figure, the concept of what we desire and what we actualy perceive and the ironic extremes and stark contrasts within these ideas. Based on the idea of a deranged image of the modern day femme fatale, an alluring seductive figure whose charms trap her lovers in bands of irresistible desire. Leading them into compromising, dangerous and even deadly situations. …. Well this collection aint for the faint hearted!

A five piece made up of studs, strips of elastic, leather, lycra and the occasional holographic strip of snakeskin lining. It really would make Queen Alice proud!

Thursday, 20 August 2009


So after many a sleepless night and a million calls a day from Danielle the fash off manager ......... It is now finally over! And let me tell you the sell out show WAS A COMPLETE SUCCESS!
After a good few months of scouting various talent to contribute to the show, pestering the hottest undergraduate designers around and literally plucking 20 absolutely beautiful girls off the street and training them to become the best dam models you have ever seen .. we pulled it off! pulling out all the stops to make it a night not to be forgotten.

Here are a pick of some of my favourite collections of the night, of course including my own!

My "femme fatale and the alice dellals" collection encapsulated a number of powerful conflicting ideas of the female figure, particularly the aesthetic configuration of the body. Using provocative shapes and a number of multi textured fabrics, eventually styling with a hell of a lot of lace, studs and stalkings i aimed to challenge the perspective of what we desire and what we actually perceive, sending down the runway five girls looking like they've just crawled out of an 80s porno. SEX, GRIME, LUST AND DESIRE.

These two designers previously just showcased there collections at the Cardonald College fashion show in the Glasgow fruitmarket. Being so impressed with the two powerful collections we asked if we could combine them together for our show and see what kind of reaction we could create from the audience! and what a reaction we received. I cant help but admire both these designers creative outlets but together they work even better. Gary Wilson is a designer with his finger on the pulse of modern day menswear, His tartan hareem pants, leather tailcoat and dinner shirt worked immensely well alongside Khirsty Campbells plastic raincoats and leather skinnnnnnnn tight trousers. I cant help but be reminded of Alexander McQueens fall05 "the man who knew too much" collection when looking at Gary's menswear. i wonder if the same themes of gang culture and fluidity of gender where present when designing. Both collections also hold resemblance to some of the futuristic work of Pierre Cardin and I'm talking his old 1960s ready to wear collections, the ones that evoked immense style and creative concepts.

Hannah Mcallister showcased a number of on trend designs in a hawwwwwt colour scheme of turquoises, vibrant purple and cool blue. Leotards with added drape, high waisted lame shorts and crop tops infused this electro clash collection with patches of striped fabric next to seductive tassled ts.

Ruby Coyne a student at Dundee Grahame Street college also showed a number of pieces. This has to be my favourite of her designs, although definitely only for the skinniest of minnys out there the floral two piece was HOT!! and if i had that figure, i would be putting an order for one in right now!

Thanks Again to everyone who came along and made the night possible, thanks to you we made over £3000 and raised awareness for a pretty bitchin charity x