Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Finally joined the twitter generation and keeping up with the times.
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Monday, 29 August 2011

jean michel basquiat

Jean Michel Basquiat is seriously inspiring the AW collection!! So much so that i just finished an incredible hand crafted jacket based around one painting alone. I have been working on this bad boy for the past 12 hours. Hand cut, hand painted scales and spikes, hand embellished and an amazing patent alligator collar so thick that i had to hand sew it on. DESPERATE to leak some of these images from the new collection online but i am going to try and be patient for once!

Sunday, 28 August 2011


SOOOOOO all the weeks of excitement now over! And gutted to say ..... she didn't wear it. But still what an achievement! So overwhelming to be asked to send our threads to such a prestigious event such as the MTV VMA'S. ESPECIALLY when the label is technically only 2 months old and still not officially launched and we are only going to get BIGGER and BETTER! With sooooooo many exciting things going on at the moment this has still been one of the highlights of the year being asked to send a whole loada "Isolated Heroes" threads through to LA. Also very exciting to know that KREAYSHAWN now has a package of tasty bright tribal isolated heroes delights to wear whenever she feels like it and I am positive we will see her or one of the White Girl Mob rocking that bomber in her next video!


Thursday, 25 August 2011


Excited to announce that Isolated Heroes have been the first designer label confirmed for the next ITCOW event Where we will be exclusively premièring our Autumn / Winter 12 collection! A season ahead of the LFW schedule we know. But the graduate collection was designed for SS12 therefore we are following on from this. Get your tickets as soon as they are on sale as this event is going to SELL OUT super fast! ITCOW is an Award winning multi media fashion show providing a platform for Scottish independent designers to showcase from. Join their facebook page here to keep up to date with news on the event. With a limited number of tickets on sale this really is going to be the hottest event of the year!!!!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Clearing out my hard drive and came across these out-takes from my shoot with the twins from a little while back. Got to love these sistas!


WOOOP! Isolated Heroes has been featured on DONT WATCH THAT.TV! Dontwatchthat.tv is the exclusive channel from Iconic grime legends Tim and Barry, the video site is packed with a whole heap of stuff including xclusive videos from- p.w.b.c, timandbarrytv, bntl, writers block, jcdc sweet & sound +stop begging! Thanks again to Emma Noble for creating the amazing video! You can watch it here on dontwatchthat.tv

ISOLATED HEROES DIFFUSION SUMMER '11 from emma noble on Vimeo.


I have been taking inspiration from these Ghetto Bitches for the hair on next weeks lookbook shoot. After going crazy in Paks last month spending all the dollaz I left with an amazing assortment of Wigs, dyed braids, mega chunky acrylic extensions, pony hair, dyed Afro hair and a zillion scrunchies! I can't wait to get to work with the session stylist on the models hair next week! The results are going to be SICK.

Monday, 22 August 2011

-------- UPDATE ---------


The last two weeks have been thru tha roof! So I had finally started designing the sick collaboration "Isolated Heroes for MC GAFF E" five outfits from the label for the amazing Gaffy Gaffiero when I got distracted all over again with the most exciting email of my life.
If you have been keeping up to date with the facebook page you will know that earlier last week I received an email from an amazing LA stylist asking if we could send some clothes through for a very special client to wear to the MTV Video Music Awards taking place this Sunday. I can't say much more but this client is AMAZING! A nominee at the awards she has to look Fierce and we had to provide a series of outfits that fit to a certain brief of "80s, 90s hip hop" the outfits had to be form fitting, short and HOT HOT HOT. Most people who know the label will know that our signature silhouette is baggy, over sized with a Massive street style 90's influence. Therefore creating something tiny short and form fitted provided a refreshing challenge and I managed to create an entirely new mini silhouette that I plan to take forward into the AW12 range. SO 48 hours with no sleep I had finally put together a package of bright colours, insane prints and 5 hot little outfits perfect for the VMA's. With the fitting taking place tomorrow in LA between the client and stylist i will be waiting with baited breath to find out if everything fits and if she chooses to wear something from the label.


So after all the VMA commotion It was straight back to the studio to continue designing for AW12 as the lookbook shoot for the new collection takes place on the 3rd of September ........... only two weeks away!!! I really can't wait for this shoot it will be the first proper shoot since the graduate collection with fresh new models, new concepts and an entirely different collection. With the shoot having been booked for a couple of months my brain has been working in overdrive with ideas for styling and the over all look. Bringing together a new team of professionals for the shoot I am using the incredible Levi Macdonald who will bring a whole new element to the shoot by shooting with a mixture of film and digital and going back to using the super talented Eilidh Graham MUA to bring my stying ideas to life through hair and make up. I really wanted this shoot to be completely insane with no holding back on any ideas and going all out in terms of styling, props, accessories and hair and make up. Some images of props and accessories I have been working on will be going up on the blog in the next few days. But until then its back to chaining myself to the sewing machine and finishing the first pieces of the new collection!


We are currently obsessed with MS.FITZ!

MS.FITZ Is an Aussie phenomenon! Currently working the fashion and music scene in NYC her talents are simply endless. Having worked alongside Peaches, RYE RYE, The Gossip as a dancer she has also made a name for herself in the fashion world as an incredible stylist with an impressive back catalogue of clients including Grazia, Rolling Stone, Oyster, Time out, Levis Style Council and the amazing Peggy Noland! This girl really has it all. Now branching out with her own jewellery range which is available to purchase from HERE. The range includes some amazing Voodoo Necklaces, skull earrings with bound peace symbols and incredible chunky gold ear to nose chains. I personally want it all!!!

MS. FITZ is definitely up at the top of the people who we would LOVE to dress list. She has already shown the label some love featuring the graduate fashion film on her website!

VOODOO_ SAMANTHA MCEWEN from emma noble on Vimeo.

All images courtesy of MS.FITZ


If she's not wearing our threads she's filming them! Long time contributor to the Isolated Heroes label Emma Noble has just launched her very own website. Emma Noble TV! Watch all her fashion films online and read the latest news on this talented lady and her many collaborations. Currently working alongside Diane Pernet and the ASVOFF team she still found time to create and AMAZINGGGGG short film for the Isolated Heroes diffusion Line! Emma has got the diffusion line down to a t, one min 30 seconds of pure indulgence, sharp quick witted graphics, a great tune and a kaleidoscope of images from the diffusion shoot.

ISOLATED HEROES DIFFUSION SUMMER '11 from emma noble on Vimeo.

The diffusion range is available to buy online simply by clicking HERE. Or purchase through the link on the Isolated Heroes official website.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


SO excited to announce that i have been asked to provide clothes for the 2011 MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS taking place in LA next Saturday! Five cans of relentless later i have stayed up all night organizing, finishing and even making some new outfits for my client who is NOMINATED for an award. Although i can't say too much at the moment the news is HUGE. With the fitting next week i am waiting with baited breath to find out which garments they will pick for the client to wear to the ceremony. FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!!

Thursday, 11 August 2011


The amazing hand dyed sheer silk chiffon voodoo monster dress that i wore to the Graduate Fashion show is now for sale on the online store! I actually love this dress so much it pretty much KILLS IT on every occasion. I have had so much interest in the dress already with all the replicas having now been sold so now it really is down to the very last one. If you are interested in purchasing the dress you can buy it directly by clicking here!