Monday, 29 August 2011

jean michel basquiat

Jean Michel Basquiat is seriously inspiring the AW collection!! So much so that i just finished an incredible hand crafted jacket based around one painting alone. I have been working on this bad boy for the past 12 hours. Hand cut, hand painted scales and spikes, hand embellished and an amazing patent alligator collar so thick that i had to hand sew it on. DESPERATE to leak some of these images from the new collection online but i am going to try and be patient for once!

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  1. Having watched the movie I came to the understanding and not to a conclusion because he lives in my mind that the art was the Artist himself and, I got inspired for a style of presenting live music calling it "music talk" to move forward from wrap .... an onstage happening between a duet just talking about stuff in between the songs in lieu of telling the story (introducing the song) or explaning the gyst and then decomposing the entire song vocally and musically to differentiate the tune from a previous recording .... the musicians singers become abstract and the new rendition the absolute focus a new art piece with a painter in the background doing a painting of the song.

    Jocelyn Jack Lamarche