Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Last week just before we all left for holiday we had the pre show selections with Mark Eley, deciding which collections and how many outfits would be going down the runway. I have to say i do enjoy working alongside Mark Eley and he seems to be doing good things for the University. I like his bluntness, quick wit and knack of telling it straight and not holding back. However when i walked in the room for my review with my models completely dressed in the finished collection and he asked me to go home and get the rest of my collection, its fair to say i had an actual HEART ATTACK! As the six models standing in front of him were literally draped head to toe in about 20 different garments layered up and fully accessorised. However i went home and brought in EVERYTHING as in all the masks i have been making over the past year, all the props, totem poles, papermache voodoo heads, skulls, lazer cut lettering etc and brought it all back into the studio.

I don't want to give too much away but basically i was given the BEST opportunity EVER and given the choice to execute my collection however i like at the Graduate Show taking place at the Dovecot in June. And lets just say it will be MEGA!!! Mark is allowing me to reach my full potential and literally go ALL OUT with styling therefor i have been given the opportunity to street scout and bring in my own models for the show. Models that really define the collection and are able to work it on stage! So now i have thrown my self in to the planning of the show with castings and bookings and pulling in my favourite make up artist. it really is going to be WILD.

And remember there are only limited tickets left and it is a once only chance to see my collection LIVE on stage..... I cannot wait.

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  1. Samantha, this is fantastic news - can't wait to see it! x