Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Last Tuesday held the opening for the Heriot Watt University Degree show. I am always a little disappointed with the degree show and the space that the fashion students get to exhibit in. Along with the strict guidelines we are expected to show under. I was looking forward to a vast space that i could build up a set with hanging lazer cut lettering, large scale embroidered pieces sitting alongside totem poles, props and a selection of masks and garments suspended at different heights. However none of this was approved as we had to follow guidelines already set up by the University with the most basic displays that kept "uniformity" within the class and a "clean, clear, minimal presentation." Allowing us to display one garment, one poster and a trend book. BORING. Maybe i should just organise my own exhibition for later in the year. Here are a few snaps of my space at the degree show.

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  1. That seems really strict! When I graduated from Clothing back in 2008 I don't think they were quite that bad. Still, I always thought the space given for FDI was a bit stingy and considering it's the more creative course you think they'd allow a bit of freedom when creating the displays. Your space still looks ace though! x