Wednesday, 29 June 2011


WOWZAAAA! Yesterday i received the most exciting message ever from my good friend Emma. After a discussion about furthering our careers, launching labels and earning some dollaz i suggested that Emma should email Diane Pernet (Diane, A Shaded View On Fashion) some of her films she has been working on and see what she thought. Not in a zillion years did either of us think she would respond as fast as she did. She sent Emma the nicest email EVER! She was so positive about all the films and absolutely LOVED my fashion film and just had to post it online!!!!!

THIS IS HUGEEEEE. To say i was excitable when Emma called me would be an understatement. I was literally swinging from the ceiling when i found out! The fact that she picked this film means sooo much to me. The film was the first collaboration project between Emma and I with me directing, styling and filming (well having the camera on a tripod)and Emma acting super multi talented by modelling in the film and doing the edit!! Diane has now asked Emma to join her in Paris for the film festival! Who knows maybe she will ask to show the film there?

VOODOO_ SAMANTHA MCEWEN from emma noble on Vimeo.

For those of you who don't know who Diane Pernet is, You will most definitely recognise her!!! Always sitting front row and notable at all Runway shows Diane is arguably one of the most well respected figures in the Fashion Industry. Since setting up her blog A Shaded View on Fashion in 2005, she's tirelessly crossed the world, reporting on fashion weeks on every continent and consistently dedicating the blog to new talent. Diane has helped the careers of many designers; Thierry Mugler and Gareth Pugh to name a few by backing them throughout their careers and given new talent a platform to stand on. With the moto "Creatives first, Business second" she has grown to be a cult figure throughout the industry from her dedication to Fashion and through her support of new designers. It is through Diane's love of fashion film that i suggested Emma contact her. Recognising the importance of Fashion Film and its influence on the ever changing industry Diane is now the founder and Creator of the first world wide Fashion Film festival "A Shaded View on Fashion Film". Vice Style have recently interviewed Diane as part of the Blackberry "Visionaries" series .....

"VISIONARIES" DIANE PERNET from Volt Magazine on Vimeo.

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