Monday, 27 June 2011


I have went blogging mad today but there is just so much to say after the show and i have a mountain of new projects to get my teeth into that i need to start NOW. So i would just rather get all the show stuff out the way. As i have previously mentioned i was a complete idiot and lost my beloved camera on the night of graduation and the week before the show. Which meant not only did i lose every single graduation photo i also didn't get any snaps of the show. ACTUALLY GUTTED!

Thankfully i had a squad backstage helping me who all happened to have their camera's with them. We joked all day that my collection was the "outkast" of the show as i was the only designer not using the assigned models from the agency's having street cast my own and i also made the decision not to use the MAC Team for make up and instead had a team of make up artists working backstage. I wish we could show again tomorrow! It honestly was the best day with the best people to work with We had the biggest riot backstage and i couldnt have asked for a better show!

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