Monday, 31 January 2011


Today i spent allot of time going through my sketchbooks photographing and documenting some of the work i have already done this semester helping me come to decisions with my final line up. We are having a visit from Elinor Renfrew in the next few weeks not only is she the head of the Fashion department at Kingston University she is also the external examiner for our own university and an extremely important figure in the Fashion Industry acting as a consultant for Arts Thread recruitment and part of the British Fashion Council. Therefore i want to check that all my work for this term from the very beginning sketchbooks to what i am working on now is in a clean presentable order and clearly documents the design process.

Over the next few days I am going to upload various sketchbook pages, development photos and line ups.

The "Voodoo Monster" images were taken whilst i was experimenting with silhouette, creating various different garments out of one pair of trousers and seeing how many different silhouettes i could bring into the collection designing in this way.

Click on Images to enlarge and see details within the garments.