Wednesday, 5 January 2011


One thing about looking into the work of Phyllis Galembo and the themes of voodoo is it provides such inspiration for a diverse range of fabrics and colour palette. I'm wanting my final collection to make the biggest impact it possibly can! I also wanted to be the complete opposite from my third year BA collection going as far away as i can from all the doom and gloom of "Love Your Bones". For my graduate collection i wanted colour and texture! Bright, over exaggerated pieces that capture all the excitement of the rituals performed in the Caribbean. Aiming for the collection to reveal the creativeness of the Haitian/ African people combining the idea of fashion and performance that intertwine modern materials with symbolic gesture. The collection will be full of exotic and colourful forms of self expression with none of our western self consciousness.

I looked to the detailing within the garments worn during rituals and wanted to mirror the idea of everything being extremley over the top through styling aswel as the garment construction. I chose an extreme Loud colour pallette and mixture of various textured fabrics during the development stage.

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