Tuesday, 4 January 2011


With the new year i wanted to get majorly back into blogging! Especially since its my final year of uni and i really wanted to document the process of my graduate honours collection. However with a semester already down and so much work already produced i thought ... Where to even start?!
I decided to take everyone back to the very beginning of my research before i had even started the design process. The whole idea behind my graduate collection came to me during my time spent in Cuba back in July. For anyone who has ever thought of travelling the island i would definitely recommend it! I have never been anywhere so inspirational in my life. With the tight communist regime and the entire country living in extreme poverty it is incredible to see a community so rich in culture and people with such a fierce sense of personal identity. I wanted to capture this sense of personal identity Creating a collection which acts as a panorama to help overcome superficialities and instead captures the physical, spiritual jubilation and optimistic perspective of life of the Caribbean people.

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