Sunday, 9 January 2011


Along with promoting my own work i always intended this blog to be a place dedicated to promoting the work of other undergraduate designers. Something which i feel EXTREMELY strong about. It is a sad day when institutions dedicated to assisting and encouraging young designers are shut down and unable to continue due to lack of financial funding and support from local councils. The latest of which being Glasgow's Che Camille. I was deeply saddened to hear about the shops closure although i have never had any personal encounters with Camille herself i am well aware of the phenomenal work the team have carried out and the lasting impact it will have in Scottish fashion history. It amazes me that small businesses such as this are receiving little or no support when they are providing such opportunity's for new designers. Especially considering the government are heavily relying on Britain’s independent businesses to lead the country out of recession with a mixture of innovation and a determination to succeed. Abit IRONIC isn't it.
It also raises the question of how undergraduate designers are expected to be noticed when more and more platforms for us to exhibit our work are being taken away. PLUS the fact Graduate Fashion Week has turned into more of a circus, regrettably starting to resemble Clothes Show Live rather than being a reputable place where people go to really see new graduate talent. Therefor i want to dedicate time to blog about some undergraduate designers that have A LOT of talent and i definitely believe will be figures of the future.
watch this space.

To read about Che Camille's closure click here.

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