Tuesday, 4 January 2011

River Island Competition 2010

With a new year and new beginnings i started clearing out some of my old work and came across my presentation boards for last years GFW River Island Competition. Its funny how you can completely forget about a project that you spent so much time on and how some design details must store in your subconscious as you design all new collections. I can see some of the detailing from the collection particularly the over sized multi sectioned jumpsuits with their 80s sportswear connotations and the hand knit chunky collars and snoods that reflect some of the developing designs in my BA collection.

My original research was based on the increasing amount of homeless people in the city of Edinburgh. Photographing and studying the way these people move around and live in one single outfit. The collection included quilted duvet coats for extra warmth and large cable knit jackets and dresses with multi purpose functions. My favourite piece from the collection has to be the structured hand knit military jacket.

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