Wednesday, 5 January 2011


whilst i was travelling throughout Cuba i noticed a number of roadside shrines and various pictures of people in specific costumery however it wasn't until i was back home that i discovered that these specific shrines were dedicated to the act of "Santoria" which is the common practice of Voodoo. Voodoo is still the most prominent religion throughout the Caribbean being practiced throughout Cuba, The Dominican Republic and Haiti. Finally i had discovered the direction i wanted to take my collection exploring the hidden world of voodoo and its importance in keeping religious faith and rituals alive within the community.

During my research i discovered the work of photographer Phyllis Galembo. Galembo's work is truly inspiring she specialises in voodoo documenting the various rituals, sacrifices and traditions taking place throughout the Caribbean where she stays for long periods at a time befriending the forerunners of the Caribbeans hidden voodoo culture. I was fascinated with the detailing within her photographers the particular way she captures her subjects and the idea of ritual clothing where the clothes have a spiritual transforming power.

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