Saturday, 30 June 2012


So excited to finally publish the ISOLATED HEROES X HAIR FOR HEROES collab shoot we worked on in Brighton! Lou Clave the mastermind behing Hair For Heroes is a true genius when it comes to hair and I couldn't have thought of a better person to collaborate on with the CYBER BARBIEZ collection as the accessories and styling are equally as important as the clothing on display. Lou matched each outfit perfectly with her custom made hand sewn wigs and braids and it was a pleasure to collaborate with her on a collection that was so important to me being showcased at our first independent show. Next stop LFW!!! and hopefully the same amazing team will be coming with me :)

A massive thank you to all involved in the shoot and the amazing SUPER CUTE Julia Bell for coming from Glasgow to Brighton to not only model in the shoot but walk in the show! All Images by Richard Paton.

Thursday, 21 June 2012


WAD magazine - the cocktail issue
 So since I have been into fashion like properly into it when you are 14 and think everythings amazing and collect every issue of Dazed & Confused, i-D, POP etc until you realise you can actually build a house with the amount of magazines you have and eventually stop religiously buying them. The one magazine that has really stuck on my radar and been my all time fav is WAD.

Images by Corrine Jade Noel

WAD  is the ultimate French Fashion magazine! The best of the best! WAD stands for WE ARE DIFFERENT: a magazine born from the desire to mirror styles seen in the streets and the birth of Urban Fashion. Today, WAD is the reference in terms of Urban Fashion and Cultures: a pioneer magazine, a trend lab and a do not miss quarterly rendezvous. is the logical continuation of everything the magazine has been dedicated to doing for the past 10 years with an impressive website which hosts ambitious artistic projects, crazy events and all sorts of cutting edge cultural, fashion, musical and design sections.

Image by Clive Flint

So as long as I have remembered one of my ultimate goals at Uni was to be featured in i-D and WAD magazine. And with clothes having already made it to the i-D studios for a shoot now to be featured in my ultimate favourite french magazine is perfection!!! Sooooo happy :) Take a look at the whole feature here.


Available now our ASOS Marketplace store

This week I'm filling the ASOS marketplace store with some new stock. Lots of screen printed goodies, including those amazinggg alien face leggings from Brighton Fashion Week, some megaaa high 90's platforms and buffalo boots and lots of hand sequin dripping eye numbers. We also have this AMAZZZZING acid wash bleached denim jacket which we dedicated to our favourite Gurl in the worlddd Yo Landi Vi$$er! I suggest if you want it you get it fast as there is only one and its already on soooo many peoples wish list!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


YEY! This week I have written a column in Grazia Magazine as part of the "Girl about town" feature writing about my hometown Dundee. Far too many people slam Dundee for being "boring" or having nothing to do in it but they are far wrong! So I was more than happy to oblige when I received the email from Grazia asking me to write a feature on my hometown picking out the best boutiques, most helpful staff / personal shoppers and the current trends that girls are wearing on nights out. The column sat on a two page spread of my hometown which I am so excited about. With all the exciting changes currently happening in Dundee with the V&A opening and the waterfront being redesigned the city is turning into an exciting hub of creativity. Also an amazing place for artists and designers with big open studios available with reasonable priced rent in Wasps and Tin Roof where (home of Isolated Heroes) and also Fantastic facilities on our door step such as screen printing, photography studios and dark rooms at the DCA. Therefore I am more than happy to gauge any good publicity to our lovely city :)

Monday, 18 June 2012


Mens Hand sequin eyeball T-shirt

Shaman Warrior cape

Zebra Alien Motif Shirt with Altar Jewlerry and Hair for Heroes Wig

Hair for Heroes two tone wig and Peplum Alien Skirt

Hand Sequin Eyeball Dress

Bindi Bitch

Devil Horns and Voodoo Jacket

The finale

Cyber Tribe Dreaming

Here are some of the amazzzing images from all the Photographers who captured our Cyber Barbiez collection in action on the runway! I can't even describe to you how I felt backstage as the first models walked on to the runway. Right now we are in the middle of making the collection available to purchase online. Due to the nature of the label being optimistic clothing and a Luxury street wear brand we are taking some time to work on the Luxury line as so much of the last six months have been based on establishing the brand and raising money through our diffusion line which is available to purchase on ASOS. Right now we are working closely with a select few stockists and finalising our Online store which will be for the exclusive sale of the Luxury runway products.

Amazing Image by Clive Flint

Pom Pom Perspex stripper shoes

Ready to wear shorts and Shirt
Hair for Heroes cyber purple Top Knot

Tassel acid jacket

My Favourite Look of the show!

90's smiley acid house shirt

Cloud Print Leggings and Crop - Cyber Barbiez

90's Platforms

Fianl Look

Isolated Heroes & Hair for Heroes taking a bow


Vanessa Ferdinand aka Purple Ferdinand in our Barbie Fur

So a couple of months ago I was asked to send some clothes to a photoshoot for i-D magazine featuring the one and only Purple Ferdinand! Since the shoot I have been following Vanessa's progress and she seems to be taking the music industry by storm, frequently featured on MTV up and coming she is clearly a one to watch having recently performed as part of MTV Stripped Sessions and as part of the Lacoste LIVE sessions. This girl is away to be HUGE! Check out her video for Beautiful Anomaly featuring our purple cyber barbie fur!

Due to the demand of the Barbie Furs we started with the original two which sold out straight away and I have added an extra one of each to the store which you can purchase by clicking here!

Purple Shaggy Barbie Fur


Azealia Banks

So last month just after we had watched Azealia Banks MAJOR performance at Coachella we were absolutely delighted to receive an email from her backing dancer and part time stylist Layna Lopez. Layna needs no introduction an Internet phenomenon she regularly graces a number of online blogs and is known just as well for her crazy outfit choices as her dancing! Layna asked us to send a number of packages to her and Azealia and we were more than happy to oblige! Here are a few images of Layna workingggg it in Isolated Heroes...... hopefully there will be some of Azealia to come.

Layna Money backstage at the Azealia Banks Mermaid Ball tour in NYC!

Sunday, 17 June 2012


Our fringed aztec panel tassel jacket

Dip Dye Voodoo Face Faux Fur

Call time!

All my twelve models lined up and ready to go!
Blow up Bubble bags

Egyptian Prince!


Feelin Nervous before the show

Ok so the main reason for lack of blogging is purely down to our show at Brighton Fashion Week. Brighton Fashion Week has been the most important thing to happen to the label in the last ten months, our first independent showcase which resulted in us showing our collection to an audience of 800 people including editors from 125 magazine, Vogue, Dazed and confused and Harpers Bazaar. Here are a set of images from Backstage by the amazing Corrine Jade Noel!

The Beautiful Julia Bell who came through from Glasow to model

All the Boyz Backstage! Cyber tribal warriors

Backstage BBZ! Alien print skirt and eyeball crop

Billy and his Hair for Heroes top knot


The new collection entitled CYBER BARBIEZ focuses on the remaining survivors of a new futuristic tribe where ghetto goths and cyber barbiez have taken over. The overall show had a 90's Clueless on acid feel to it with all the models wearing buffalo boots, spice gurlz platforms and perspex plastic stripper shoes which were covered in pom poms. Each model also had there own customised alien charm blow up bubble bag and Brighton candy - giant lollypops and colourful candy dummy's. The styling was made complete through a collaboration with the AMAAAZZZING Lou Clave at Hair for Heroes who worked on a set of custom made wigs to go side by side all of the garments creating multi layer wigs, fluro braids and head charms.

Indian Warrior
Bubble Bags
Lou Adjusting the horns to the finishig look
The Gurlzz
Finishing Touches
Models being interviewed for Fashion TV