Monday, 18 June 2012


Vanessa Ferdinand aka Purple Ferdinand in our Barbie Fur

So a couple of months ago I was asked to send some clothes to a photoshoot for i-D magazine featuring the one and only Purple Ferdinand! Since the shoot I have been following Vanessa's progress and she seems to be taking the music industry by storm, frequently featured on MTV up and coming she is clearly a one to watch having recently performed as part of MTV Stripped Sessions and as part of the Lacoste LIVE sessions. This girl is away to be HUGE! Check out her video for Beautiful Anomaly featuring our purple cyber barbie fur!

Due to the demand of the Barbie Furs we started with the original two which sold out straight away and I have added an extra one of each to the store which you can purchase by clicking here!

Purple Shaggy Barbie Fur

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