Sunday, 17 June 2012


Our fringed aztec panel tassel jacket

Dip Dye Voodoo Face Faux Fur

Call time!

All my twelve models lined up and ready to go!
Blow up Bubble bags

Egyptian Prince!


Feelin Nervous before the show

Ok so the main reason for lack of blogging is purely down to our show at Brighton Fashion Week. Brighton Fashion Week has been the most important thing to happen to the label in the last ten months, our first independent showcase which resulted in us showing our collection to an audience of 800 people including editors from 125 magazine, Vogue, Dazed and confused and Harpers Bazaar. Here are a set of images from Backstage by the amazing Corrine Jade Noel!

The Beautiful Julia Bell who came through from Glasow to model

All the Boyz Backstage! Cyber tribal warriors

Backstage BBZ! Alien print skirt and eyeball crop

Billy and his Hair for Heroes top knot


The new collection entitled CYBER BARBIEZ focuses on the remaining survivors of a new futuristic tribe where ghetto goths and cyber barbiez have taken over. The overall show had a 90's Clueless on acid feel to it with all the models wearing buffalo boots, spice gurlz platforms and perspex plastic stripper shoes which were covered in pom poms. Each model also had there own customised alien charm blow up bubble bag and Brighton candy - giant lollypops and colourful candy dummy's. The styling was made complete through a collaboration with the AMAAAZZZING Lou Clave at Hair for Heroes who worked on a set of custom made wigs to go side by side all of the garments creating multi layer wigs, fluro braids and head charms.

Indian Warrior
Bubble Bags
Lou Adjusting the horns to the finishig look
The Gurlzz
Finishing Touches
Models being interviewed for Fashion TV



  1. Ridiculously GOOOOODD!

    I love the fur and backpacks!


  2. may i pls pls pls know the price for the Dip Dye Voodoo Face Faux Fur jacket [2nd picture] . my email is

    cannot even get over how much i love your stuff!

    -Prutha Raithatha
    Fashion Writer/ Stylist/ Architect

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