Thursday, 21 June 2012


WAD magazine - the cocktail issue
 So since I have been into fashion like properly into it when you are 14 and think everythings amazing and collect every issue of Dazed & Confused, i-D, POP etc until you realise you can actually build a house with the amount of magazines you have and eventually stop religiously buying them. The one magazine that has really stuck on my radar and been my all time fav is WAD.

Images by Corrine Jade Noel

WAD  is the ultimate French Fashion magazine! The best of the best! WAD stands for WE ARE DIFFERENT: a magazine born from the desire to mirror styles seen in the streets and the birth of Urban Fashion. Today, WAD is the reference in terms of Urban Fashion and Cultures: a pioneer magazine, a trend lab and a do not miss quarterly rendezvous. is the logical continuation of everything the magazine has been dedicated to doing for the past 10 years with an impressive website which hosts ambitious artistic projects, crazy events and all sorts of cutting edge cultural, fashion, musical and design sections.

Image by Clive Flint

So as long as I have remembered one of my ultimate goals at Uni was to be featured in i-D and WAD magazine. And with clothes having already made it to the i-D studios for a shoot now to be featured in my ultimate favourite french magazine is perfection!!! Sooooo happy :) Take a look at the whole feature here.

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