Monday, 18 June 2012


Mens Hand sequin eyeball T-shirt

Shaman Warrior cape

Zebra Alien Motif Shirt with Altar Jewlerry and Hair for Heroes Wig

Hair for Heroes two tone wig and Peplum Alien Skirt

Hand Sequin Eyeball Dress

Bindi Bitch

Devil Horns and Voodoo Jacket

The finale

Cyber Tribe Dreaming

Here are some of the amazzzing images from all the Photographers who captured our Cyber Barbiez collection in action on the runway! I can't even describe to you how I felt backstage as the first models walked on to the runway. Right now we are in the middle of making the collection available to purchase online. Due to the nature of the label being optimistic clothing and a Luxury street wear brand we are taking some time to work on the Luxury line as so much of the last six months have been based on establishing the brand and raising money through our diffusion line which is available to purchase on ASOS. Right now we are working closely with a select few stockists and finalising our Online store which will be for the exclusive sale of the Luxury runway products.

Amazing Image by Clive Flint

Pom Pom Perspex stripper shoes

Ready to wear shorts and Shirt
Hair for Heroes cyber purple Top Knot

Tassel acid jacket

My Favourite Look of the show!

90's smiley acid house shirt

Cloud Print Leggings and Crop - Cyber Barbiez

90's Platforms

Fianl Look

Isolated Heroes & Hair for Heroes taking a bow

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