Saturday, 14 January 2012

NEW STUDIO 2012!!!

We are insanely busy and super happy right now! 2012 really is reeling in the exciting projects already! With contracts already drawn up for certain projects, garments being sent out to stylists, our lovely little ASOS store selling out and now this weekend bringing in the first editorial publication of 2012, It is essential we maintain a good working environment and work space. As most of you know when I moved back to Dundee after graduating last July my main concern was finding a studio space as there are literally no studio spaces in Scotland. Luckily we were offered to share a space by the lovely photographer Emma Alexander in the Tin Roof building on a temporary contract. When we were offered a bigger space in the building and a permanent contract at the end of last year we jumped at the chance of signing it! Finally our own studio space. It is sill a long way off from being finished as we have been simply too busy making up orders for decorating. But hopefully the next few months will see the space transformed into my vision of the perfect studio - Checkerboard floors, potted plants, a proper door, insulation, Mirrors & a chesterfield. But for now here is a glimpse into our new permanent studio space and a little insight into the research and preparation of our next load of ASOS stock ..............

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