Wednesday, 4 January 2012


I only ever made one of this garment as It was one of those crazy ideas that went with lots of styling and I did kinda wonder if there was a market for it as I realised it would take one amazing DIVA to be able to work it!! So felt a little sad when It sold today on the ASOS store but also cannot wait to see pictures appearing with the person who has bought it working it! The one piece is made entirely from a heavy weight screen printed jersey viscose with 7inch bitching purple tassels around the neckline. I made the one piece exclusively for the ITCOW show earlier this year where it was modelled by the amazing Lauren Andrews where she closed the show wearing the printed one piece and a huge built up neck piece. The one piece was based partly on the themes running throughout the Voodoo Zumbies collection but also incorporated the shape and fit of the infamous Karen O "skeleton outfit" made for her by christian Joy.

To shop the rest of the Isolated Heroes collection CLICK HERE FOR THE ASOS STORE.

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