Monday, 16 January 2012


So Guys without giving too much away into this weeks ASOS shoot as we do want to keep it as much of a surprise as possible with what stock goes on the website, However we just can't keep our mouths shut long enough! We have pulled together a cracking team for this shoot going back to using Emma Alexander for photographer and Sandra Cormack as an MUA We are also pulling in some new models from 2 of Scotland's most reputable agency's: Sula from Superior Model Management and Stefania from Brightside. We have also been working like Trojans in the studio on the ASOS stock sticking to our tribal roots but to a very specific brief drawing in all kind of themes & Inspiration into the new stock. One thing we have noticed is all of the new garments are sticking with the signature Isolated Heroes street style silhouette and have all been heavily influenced by the 90's. And not in a typical AHHHMAAAAGAWWWD 90's revival so on trend kind of way. We have been hand picking some amazing 90's ICONS to produce the "Icons" series of painted leathers and printed Levi Jackets. Just some of the most amazzzzzzing people on earth and some of our generations ICONS printed on to the back of your jacket! Here's a little taster of things to come ......

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  1. I look forward to that!
    90's style is fun!

    I love Yolandi's style! some of the outfits worn by members of die Antwoord remind me your work!