Friday, 6 January 2012


So I brought in the new year down in London and tried to split my time between work and play. Although it kinda turned into just play. I did manage to see some nice exhibitions particularly LOVING Taryn Simon's "a living man declared dead" but more of that later and I did manage to pick up some bitching fabrics to kick off 2012 with. Literally cannot wait to shoot the second set of stock for the ASOS store. I have been busy finding some amazzzzzin bags and platforms for ya'll and have already made some skin tight printed midi's and some acid house jackets. Below are some story boards I've been working on today in the studio to bring together the different looks going on within the new stock going on ASOS. I haven't yet used the new African wax prints featured in the images above as I literally got off the train yesterday so all the designs with the new fabrics are still in the beginning stages and will hopefully be whipping up some samples later in the week. I'm feeling summer is gonna be SLAMMED full of tie dyes, embellishment, acid wash, fishnet and dyed BARBIE fur coats.

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