Saturday, 24 September 2011


WOOOP! We are extremely excited to announce we will be moving into a fabulous new studio next week. After months and months of searching for possible studio space our hopes have been shattered again and again with spaces literally being snaffled up minutes before we sign the lease. Due to the fact there is literally NO studio space available AT ALL in Scotland. We have went down every route possible in so many obscure locations to try and find our dream studio from tiny spaces with MASSIVE waiting lists to the prospect of travelling miles and miles to use our studio and then we finally thought we had found the PERFECT PLACE got our hopes massively up went to view it figured out how we could split the cost as it was ridiculously expensive and then someone else signed the contract just as we were calling back. TYPICAL. And just as I was starting to think there was no hope and I would be sleeping on patterns and towers of fabric for the rest of my life we received an amazing email from a super lovely lady willing to share her space with us for a few months!!!!

SOOOOO EXCITED TO MOVE IN AND HAVE SOME ORDER TO THE CHAOS. Patterns hung up in order, mannequins out, fabric properly stored and the best thing about it all means we will have SPACE! Space to create bigger and better things and really go all out on garments. It also means all the people that have emailed offering there services to help out whether they were for just general sewing, interning or the knit wear designers. You will all be contacted back as now i have a place to meet with you discuss the designs and move forward into the production stages! SO EXCITED FOR WHAT THE FUTURE WILL BRING!

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