Tuesday, 6 September 2011


soooooo excited to give a little glimpse into the AW collection! The look book shoot took place this Saturday at the wonderful Contrast Studios shooting with the fantastic Josh Liandu, Eilidh Forbes, Eilidh Graham, Kelly Neilson and the amazing Levi Macdonald! Couldn't have asked for a better team to bring my concepts and ideas to life! I was incredibly stressed in the run up to this shoot with all the LA shit going down, sending packages here there and everywhere and taking on a little too much work. I was really starting to panic on what garments we would actually have on the day of the shoot. But somehow i managed to pull it off another week of no sleep and BOOM the majority of samples for the AW winter collection were complete. So excited to have some time between now and the show (ITCOW 26th of October) and be able to refine garments and produce the real show stoppers i am currently collaborating with some fantastic knitters and can't wait to bring the final pieces to life!

Thank you Reece for all the deliciously sneaky backstage photos! And i can't wait to share the final look book with everyone next week! Another post to come on the shoot shortly!

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