Tuesday, 27 September 2011


SO as most of you know we move into our new studio this weekend which means space to work in! And just in time as the schedule for the next few months is pretty hectic! It is going to be a mental few weeks getting everything ready and all the new pieces finished for the ITCOW show on the 26th of October and prior to that we have another shoot and we have to get pieces ready for some exciting stockists (more to come later). HELP IS NEEDED. I need someone who is passionate with a lot of drive who is willing to come in a couple of days a week or in their free time to help get the new collection finished you will be required to hand sew, embroider, stud and help do all the simple little things that take FOREVER - also some copying patterns onto card etc! You will be mainly working on samples and will also be encouraged to help on the set for the latest shoots etc. If you are at all interested and want to come and get some experience at Isolated Heroes HQ and have lots of fun please email me at info@isolated-heroes.com

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