Sunday, 1 November 2009


WoW! the lack of recent blogs is purley down to the fact there is now five weeks left of term and a helllll of alota work not to mention the magazine going live and into production beginning of next. BUT more on all that later.

I want to show you a sneak peak of my diffusuion line with Speedo. I have to say when i was first handed the brief with the four different labels within the Pentland group which we would be designing for my heart did sink a little .... Hunter, Berghaus, Red or Dead or Speedo. Not exactly my cup of tea! But pushing that all aside i started reseraching into the brands history and began to get a little intrested with their use of perfomance fabrics, and i have to say i was a little intrigued with the idea of diffusing my creative concepts with their original designs and brining speedo out of the pool and into the high end sportswear market.

With the collection going to be primarly menswear, I wanted to incorporate the swimmers phsyique into my designs looking at broad shoulders and muscle vests i also wanted to keep the concept of Speedos second skin line the idea that the clothes lie dierctly in line with the body, made of such high quality breathable fabrics they act as a second skin. So after some major sourcing i have finally arrived at my final farics and beleive me they dont come cheap!

A mixture of gortex, breathable performance perferated mixed synthetic, natural fibre cotton, heavy jersey, quilted synthetic and wax coated cotton.

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