Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Good old Babs!

OK firstly apologies for the lack of posts it has been CRAZY down here lately with five weeks until the end of term, all that coursework, competitions, a diffusion line and Pick n Mix magazine being published next week it really is ALL GO! So much so i think i have become a hermit on the social scene for the last four weeks not even venturing out for Halloween perhaps my FAVOURITE night of the year!

It hasn't all been WORK WORK WORK though! Last week i had the complete delight of meeting Barbara Hulanicki maby one of the nicests funniest inspirational woman in fashion! She may be in her seventies but this lady is on the ball, an absolute DIVA! Her life story was so inspiring and interesting from growing up in Warsaw, her fathers assassination when she was a child, and not forgetting single handidly completely transforming British fashion.

Basically for those who are not aware of her works she is the creme de la creme of British Fashion, the creative mastermind and founder of BIBA, creating fashion amongst teenagers and woman in their twenties at a time when there was only children's clothes or adult clothes available NOTHING in between no fashion no styling and certainly nothing available at prices people could afford. and then there was BIBA .......

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