Sunday, 4 October 2009


Anyone else SICK of the sight of Balmain? OK i know the majority of girls out there would have killed for one of the tiny little sequins numbers a few months ago but since the highstreet apparently boycotted Christopher Decarnin's designs and people seem to have stormed en mass to topshop for their autumn winter buys IF i see one of those disgusting sparkly monstrosity's on another slut on a night out i think i might screammmmm.


And as for Balmain, do they have another pattern block other than a minuscule party dress and a shoulder padded military jacket?
And now when i look at the once respected design label i cant help but think of newlook and primark and i don't really know who's to fault here the highstreet or the designers?
Give me a Paris boutique any day!

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