Sunday, 15 November 2009

Kling by Kling

OK Karolina Kling is perhaps one of my favourite print artists in the world! Kling by Klings prints are so complex and diverse it is almost impossible to see where the original inspiration came from, with psychedelic shapes and garments with oversized exaggerated silhouettes i would kill for abit of Kling! Often described as Victor and Rolf on acid! This is a designer not to be missed, only on her fourth collection Karolina is already distributing on a global scale and is regularly featured in magazines such as the lovely supersuper. I would love to take up an internship here this summer helping on a pattern cutting basis and getting an insight into the fantastic world that is Kling.

This lady has also made me sway completely on my final year collection. Will it now be menswear knit or menswear print? And after the stint with the digital and screen printed linings for my Speedo Diffusion line raincoats i am thinking PRINT all the way!

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