Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Hey Guys!!! It has been so long since we have written a blog post! Although our company has slightly changed and grown that bit bigger our brand ethos and values have remained the same and our customers are at the core of that! We actually LOVE when we receive emails and tags on instagram and facebook of you guys wearing our stuff it gets us so excited and pushes us to bring you even better products in the next collection. We realized after a recent meeting with our new brand mentors that staying connected with our customers is probably THE most important thing in a growing brand and although we are constantly updating our facebook, twitter, and instagram etc sometimes its nice to take a step back and actually write it all down and get a personal connection with our customers. So with this we are coming back to blogging as we have miss it and its important to dedicate that little bit of time each week! Please feel free to comment, email and share the posts as the main thing we want to do is keep connected with you guys ! So here it goes a brief look back on 2013 ..... 

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