Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Syron EP for "HERE"

Syron Featured on The Fader

Purple Glitter Fabric in the studio which influenced the dress

Yin Yang hand sequin fabric samples on our Studio Research wall

Syron in the sequin yin yang Dress on the Topman website

2013 Has brought Isolated Heroes our first ever Album cover!!! We were absolutely delighted when the amazing SYRON chose the Isolated Heroes yin-yang hand sequin black power mesh dress for the cover for her new EP Here! Get it on itunes or in a store near you now. It is amazing to see how much publicity the promos shots of Syron int he dress have brought Isolated Heroes as the pictures have literally been featured everywhere from the Topman website, The FADER, NME, to club night posters and festival billboards. This girl is about to blow up! She is massive!

Black and White Version inside the EP

The dress featured in our ASOS store

The dress featured on the poster for the NEST in Dalston

Yin Yang Party Dress product shot in our online store

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