Monday, 30 July 2012


Sue in her incredible home <3

Love these heads and memory Jars!

The beautiful Sue Kreitzman!

Very Rarely am I so impressed by someones work I am lost for words! But Sue Kreitzman is one of these inspirational Lady's that had the power to shut me up and have me just staring in awe at the laptop screen! I have seen pieces of her artwork before but had not realised who had created them or that the lady behing the art work was even more impressive than the work itself! Sue Kreitzman is incredible, her passion and flair for life and her work is on another level and she has the kind of personality and power from within her work that makes you instantly fall in love with her and leaves you wanting to pack your bags and arrive on her doorstep for an interview and just hope that she may let you stay there for the rest of your life! After watching this documentary on the artist on Vimeo I can't help but wish she was my MOM or some kind of distant long lost relative. I can see so many similarity's from her personality to mine and even in her way of working letting the object you are creating create itself and take on another dimension and also the aspect of hoarding and collecting  inanimate objects that are then brought to life again and again through her artwork. Something which I frequently do during my design process whether it be purchasing old voodoo bottles off ebay, collecting discarded baby heads that I then sew into clothing or the whole idea of collaging objects until it brings on an entirely different persona. Anyway I absolutely love Sue and can only hope that one day even a tiny part of my house half resembles her incredible house / works and wardrobe!

SUE KREITZMAN - Artist Profile - Preview from Pat Grimm on Vimeo.

Also delighted to see some of my creative idols and people who I would jump at the chance to working with collaborating with the artist! The incredible Saga Sig has just taken some photo's with stylist John William and Alis Pelleschi in front of the lens rather than behind it for the latest issue of Pigeons and Peackocks! What incredible images ..........

Sue Kreitzman by Saga Sig

Alis by Saga Sig

Image by Saga Sig

Image by Saga Sig

Image by Saga Sig

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