Sunday, 29 July 2012

A Little glimpse into the sudio ...

At the studio :)

Massive mess - drying prints adding 3D layering. Steaming Gaments to send to stylists

Our ASOS Model Ellis in for a fitting

Some scribbles in my notebook - ideas for new stock

Studio Wall - desperatly needing updated!

I thought I would put up some images of the studio because I haven't done it in a while. some days its MESSY!!! Like completely unbearable as we now have a strong little studio team on the go and there are normally at least 4 of us all working at the one time in the little space. But I honestly couldn't love it anymore. As soon as I arrive at my desk I am literally so happy to be at work and doing what I love more than anything in the world. Right now we are applying for a bigger space in the same building. Although we probably have one of the biggest spaces in the tin roof Arts Collective building we are hoping to expand into another space opening up our studio to create one massive work space which will allow more machinery and designated thinking space where I can work from my desk on other design projects while the other studio assistants are busy making up orders as it can all get a little complicated when we are posting out all our orders and working on styling projects, collaborations and the new collections.  But I definitely do not want to leave the tin roof building it has been so much fun since I started there last October with the perfect outdoor space for all our ASOS photoshoots and amazing area's for screen printing, dying and other textile work. Not to mention all the other artists who I have got to know and work alongside. So fingers crossed for a little more space!

Our newest intern Jemma working on some Screen Print leggings

Blue Fur ready to be cut for the Cyber Barbie Jackets

Hand Beading for a custom order eyeball dress!

Rosa's evil eyes for the evil eye jacket

Franticly finishing a lining

The studio team - Abigail, Tarka and Rosa working on new fabric samples

little sketches of new asos stock

Fabric drying for our halter dresses

Love Love the tailored Biker Jacket!

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