Tuesday, 1 November 2011


So running up to the show was utter chaos as usual. Garments half finished, a broken wrist with the cast ripped off trying to sew everything up, helpers coming in and out to do little jobs and run errands and then there was the mammoth task of hand sewing the Voodoo Skeleton dress that took three different people 4 weeks to hand sew every single sequin on individually. So a very big thank you to everyone involved who made the speedy production of a new collection possible.

I wanted the Autumn Winter collection to continue the themes running throughout the graduate collection as there were still a lot of aspects of the theme of Vooodoo that i had left undiscovered or not fully developed into garments. Particularly the ideas of Voodoo having a healing power. I was extremely interested in the slightly horrifying ideas of Voodoo still being used as medicine today especially in Muti Murders and sacrifices being uncovered in modern London. The idea of this going on in today's society slightly fascinated me and i wanted to further the graduate collection into an AW collection that explored the different stages of the ideas of sacrificial killings, muti murders and the healing power and trans like state of the tribe. It was also important for me that the AW collection retained the Isolated Heroes street wear ethos and still kept the signature over sized silhouettes while i also introduced some slightly sleeker and more wearable garments to give the collection a commercial value.

Here are the garments that I picked as the final 8 to go down the runway at ITCOW as my modern day Voodoo Tribe. (The show was womanswear only which wiped out a massive part of the collection)

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