Monday, 31 October 2011


I have so much catching up / updating to do on the blog & website its unreal. So apologies in advance that the show review is a week late. Last week was chaos from start to finish. 24 hr all nighters in the studio finishing off last minute garment details, horrifying train journeys trying to get the collection from one place to the other, packages going out all week for press and editorial shoots, a couple of interviews, La La Land Launch and preparation for the ASOS store launch. All in all a hectic week but we couldn't have been happier with the overall response to the AW collection.

Showing at ITCOW was a completely different experience from anything we have ever done. I really enjoyed showing with other designers, meeting everyone during the day and the set of the show looked amazing and totally fitted the theme. You have got to give it to Claire and Ally these girls work soooo bloody hard on these events insuring everything fits the theme down to a T from the visuals, music, styling, hair, MU and even the models tiny horror nails. As much as i Loved seeing my collection on the beautiful ITCOW models storming the runway it was the not being fully involved in the last minute dressing and sending out of the models and tweaks to the styling that was the only negative for me. But that has absolutely nothing to do with the event itself which was ACTUALLY AMAAAAAZZZZZING!!!!! and more to do with me being a complete control freak when it comes to my designs, the styling and over all presentation of them. I just think in order to present a new collection to the public they need to be able to see the themes underlying within the garments, what the collection is all about and for the garments to have the same captivating effect on the audience I really needed to be in control of everything from model scouting, hair & MU to shoes and styling. Obviously impossible to do with a group show but perhaps this is just what the Isolated Heroes label is all about. Overall Itcow was a complete SUCCESS raising all the designers involved profiles, making some good dollaz for rape crisis Scotland and since leaving the show it has definitely helped me confirm the decision to have a label launch and start showing independently.

All Images by Duncan Holmes, Daniela Flores. and Loraine Ross.

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