Friday, 18 November 2011


So basically I was having another Mass clear out of my hard drive this morning and found some of my portfolio work from final year. I really hated this class with a passion! I completely understand the relevance of a portfolio but after working solidly on your final collection for 9 months and then be given four weeks to design
four other collections for commercial briefs which followed "trend forecasting" was completely uninspiring. I just wanted to finish up Uni and get out there with my collection and the portfolio i had built up based around that and do what i wanted to do. As a result of my hatred of the class, avoidance of tutorials and basically no effort whats so ever put into the production of my portfolio lets just say i won't be bringing it to any interviews!

There were however some parts of the portfolio i enjoyed. Particularly my Topshop New Gen print project. I chose to base the collection around the trend forecasting idea of “pigment” for spring/summer 12 I then researched lots of different bright coloured, exciting and eccentric imagery surrounding this trend primarily focusing on the Indian festival “Holi” and looking into traditional peruvian dress blending the two together to create a collection of festival wear experimenting with bright colours, dyes, dip dyes and tide dye and covering this with heavy embellishment.

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