Friday, 7 October 2011


Been working in the new studio all week and I have to say I have slightly fallen in love. Fully settled in now and having the best time! The main worry after finishing Uni has been finding a studio space since they are few and far between in Scotland. With new stockists, collaborations and orders piling up it was starting to become near impossible living at home and using it as a live / work space. The new studio is fantastic and i want to thank everyone who has welcomed me into their working environment and giving me a space for the label to expand from. Also a massive thank you to my good friend Hannah Mcallister who has been in every day since I have had the studio, working on patterns and helping me sew! After a streak of bad luck last week with falling and breaking two bones in my right hand and a few other things going horribly wrong I'm glad that everything is back on track and I cannot wait to complete the AW collection!