Sunday, 4 October 2009


It looks like the recession although hard hitting may be injecting a new lease of creative life into some designers. Just Look at Thome Browne's spring summer 10 show, due to some well publisised financial difficulties with the design house Browne decided that instaid of showing at one of his usual theatrical backdrops he would simply showcase his collection at his Hudson store. And the change of scenery worked a treat, with the crowd of hardcore Browne followers staring in awe at his latest seasons creations with their full attention on the clothes rather than the backdrop.

As for the Clothes Browne succeeded again with capturing the essence of modern day cutting edge design adding quirky touches to mens tailoring. This season his nautical theme involved fishermens net plasterd over the models faces and attached to hats, patent trenchcoats, nylon trains and hoods and beautiful lazer cut jackets. I have to say i wish every man invested in abit of Thom Browne for their wardrobe!

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