Thursday, 8 March 2012


SOOOOOOOO bloody much to catch everyone up on! SO Saturday was literally the best shoot I honestly think I have ever been on. Not only was I working with an amazing group of people who gelled so well making the shoot completely non diva hassle free. I had also been working closely with the photographer Kirstin Kerr leading up to the shoot and we both seemed to have a clear focus of the images we wanted to achieve both hoping to work in a similar style. We had The insanely talented Lou Clave on wigs and hair and the incredible Tammy from DIY nails creating some insane talons! I had also worked closely with Kirstin scouting the perfect model type for the shoot we wanted to go for a real androgynous look preferably girls with shaved heads and boys with long hair to mix it up a little and fit in with the whole labels "genderless" clothing idea. After weeks of trawling the Internet like a couple of creeps we finally found the perfect pair - Ruta Škėmaitė & Stevie Newall. It is extremely rare for a huge group of strangers to come together on a shoot and all seem to be on exactly the same creative wave length all being completely focused wanting to achieve the same outcome. It seemed that everyone who came to help on Saturday had stepped into my "magic pony land" brain and new exactly what I was talking about all day which resulted in AMAZING shots which completely capture the whole ethos of the label creating "optimistic clothing for the new generation of the UK's young and amazing."
Thank you also to Athif Dean for teaching us all how to do henna and my wonderful team: Abigail Donaldson, Rosa Howie & Hanna Mcallister. The shots are truly phenomenal although we cannot leak any now as we are patiently waiting for editorials.

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