Sunday, 5 February 2012


To survive the BIG FREEZE we have designed some pretty awesome BARBIE FUR shag coats!!! Made from shaggy faux fur dyed in the most brilliant pastel colours we gotta mint green, white and sickly sweet lylic! Should we go for a bright pink too? We are a going through a bit of a mad clueless faze right now in the studio which has taken over and making us want to make all these BRILLIANT 90's high school pieces. I took the first sample fur down to London this weekend for its first outing. The jacket itself looked amazing BUT the fur was a bit of a nightmare and shed a lot! Resulting in me getting bits of barbie fur EVERYWHERE. Should we put these babies into production? Or keep them as samples for selected clients and to use for styling on our shoots? Depending on the overall feedback we receive we will either make a select few for the store or keep them all to ourselves :)

And here is a little pic of me wearing mine feeling hideous from the night before!

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