Wednesday, 6 July 2011


So normally i wouldn't write anything negative on here as this blog isn't here to slate anyone and is only used for the promotion of new designers and to keep people updated with my own label. But SERIOUSLY some things have been driving me mad this week and I'm sure it would anger other young designers who know what its like to put ridiculous amounts of time and effort into a collection. A designer is someone who creates something by planning the form, look and workings of a garment over seeing every stage of development from original sketches and ideas, to printing, fabric sourcing, dying, production and finishing. Staying up every hour of the day and night working on your collection to get it finished, barley eating or sleeping as you are so busy producing something fresh and exciting. Sticking tassels to a bra you bought out of primark, putting a stud on a tshirt, taking a hem up or cutting a hole through something is NOT designing. This isn't even "reworking", "transforming" or the best i have heard yet "diffusing". In order to do a diffusion line you need to have a collection to first diffuse the clothes from.

And believe me all the blood sweat and tears are worth it when you finally see your finished outcome on the runway and in editorials as you realise all your hard work has finally paid off. This is part of the reason it actually infuriates me when people brand themselves a designer when they haven't put in an ounce of work to even allow anyone to call them that.

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