Monday, 28 February 2011


It is a sad sad day when another institute dedicated to the scouting and exhibiting of new designers has had to close its doors. Words genunially cannot describe how saddened i am to here of MACHINE-A's closure. Possibly the only store of its kind in the whole of the UK, Machine-A has always been my favourite place to drop in whilst in London with the most controversial window displays i have ever encountered and also the nicest staff ever inside always welcoming and encouraging. It is deeply upsetting to read that the store has had to close its retail space of 60 Berwick street after 18 long months of the best new designer exhibitions and most challenging yet wearable garments available to buy in store. Through the sheer dedication of Stavros Karelis the stores director and owner and his eye for scouting the most creative new design talent put MACHINE-A on the map as one of London's most prestigious boutiques exhibiting and selling clothes form new designers such as Katy Eary, Gemma Slack, VoidOfCourse, Charlie le Mindu, Bolshie and Dominic Jones.

We can only hope that the stores closure is just the end of a chapter for MACHINE-A and the beginning to something new and even more exciting!

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